An Update on 2019 Personal Tax Returns

Taxes 2019 - Clearline CPATeam Clearline is busy filing personal tax returns for 2019. Have you submitted your Personal Tax Checklist yet? 


2019 deadlines


The government has extended the filing deadline to June 1, so there is no immediate rush to get your taxes filed. However, if you think you have a refund, we can file your return sooner than later and get CRA to send your cheque in the mail (or set you up for direct deposit)! 


If you have taxes owing, the government has extended the payment of that balance until September 1, with no interest or penalties accruing.


Submitting your Personal Tax Information


We encourage you to use our online tools (like The Exchange) to submit your tax information.  If this doesn’t work for you, no problem. Our Burnaby office is open 10am-2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week to provide another way to get us your information.


You will find a drop box at the top of the stairs inside our office. We can monitor it from our desk so you can come in without having to interact with any of our staff. Simply wave through the glass or just holler a hello. Come in, drop off, and go. 


If you have any questions about personal tax season, please reach out to us at and we will get back to you soon.


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