Exciting Promotions at Clearline

By Team Clearline

If you are an avid reader of the Clearline newsletter then you are aware that our students write their final exam in September. This final exam is a small step on their path  to becoming Chartered Professional Accountants. This month we have four students writing the exam and we wish them well.


Fall is also the time that we announce promotions for our staff members. This year we announced eight promotions. Today, and continuing next month, we’ll share with you the staff that we recognized internally by promoting them.


In our Surrey office, Priya Padmanabhan  moved into the role of Assistant Manager. This is a new role at Clearline and we are excited that Priya is one of the people leading the way. Priya exhibits a quiet excellence that is particularly valued by the staff she is guiding. Her depth of experience is unmatched and she is an anchor for all of the junior staff in the Surrey office.  We had two people achieve the rank of Assistant Manager in Surrey, so we also extend congratulations to Gurbir Rai, who has moved quickly on completion of his studies to rise to this new position at Clearline. Gurbir is motivated by success and is a driven young CPA with his eyes clearly focused on the future.



In our Burnaby office, we saw Dave Block promoted to Senior Manager. Dave has taken on a huge role in Burnaby as we work to support all of the clients who are transitioning from Santos & Co. to Clearline.  Dave started in our Vancouver office, moved over to support North Vancouver and is now leading the management charge in Burnaby. He has become a focused advocate for his clients and his staff and we are thrilled that he continues to move forward at Clearline.



Finally, in the Vancouver office, our congratulations go to Amber Davey, who we promoted from the role of Associate to Senior Accountant.  About Amber, it can be said that she has one of the fastest minds of her generation. We are pleased that she is part of our Clearline team and we are excited to watch her journey.



Next month we will explore the other four promotions.