Movember: Battle of the Clearline Moustaches

By Grant T. Smith

It is time for an update on the exciting events and happenings at Clearline.

Below is a series of private conversations overheard. Some are taken from the proverbial water cooler and some from the ultra-new wave and chic communication tool Slack. (All of them are fictional.)


A few weeks ago

Grant: Hey, Gurbir, how are things in Surrey?

Gurbir: Great Grant, the team here is really excited about November. We are pumped about participating in Movember again this year.

Grant: Funny I was just thinking about that. Last year was fun and we raised a bucket-load.

Gurbir: And some of us actually grew a moustache, instead of that thing you called one! This year should be even better. I will get the guys in Surrey together, if you can reach out in Vancouver.

Grant: On it – and I got Burnaby too.


Two days before October 29

Gurbir: Things are looking good. Lots of people seem to be onside!

Grant: Same here. I was surprised because I was not sure that we would get a great response. But all that trash talk last week about my ‘stache has Vancouver ready to go head-to-head with Surrey to see whose is stronger. I may be folic-ally challenged, but I have more people in my corner.

Gurbir: Man, you ain’t got a chance, we will destroy you.

Grant: I will put a Growler on it!

Gurbir: Done.


November 4

Grant: (While trying to see Gurbir’s face, because his moustache is already almost full) Um, Gurbir, can we chat about Movember.

Gurbir: Sure, but, when are you going to start? He says, while holding a magnifying glass up to Grant’s lip.

Grant: Hey, it is about finesse, give me a little time, grey is a subtle colour!

Gurbir: That’s what we call you – subtle! What’s up?

Grant: Gurbir, it turns out that not quite as many people are growing as we expected.

Gurbir: Yeh, it is just me in Surrey. Who is in for Vancouver and Burnaby?

Grant: (Sheepishly) Me. Any chance of renegotiating our bet?

Gurbir: Only if you want to up the stakes, loser.

Grant: (Seeing no room for hope) Sure make it two growlers, and the winner is chosen by vote, at the staff Christmas party!

Gurbir: Game on.


So Clearline readers, it is just Gurbir and me duking it out in the moustache madness of Movember.  


Please check out our LinkedIn pages to follow the great battle and maybe even cheer on your favourite ‘stache.  Last year I raised over $1,000.00 and Gurbir was hot on my heels. This year I am again promising to dye my moustache any colour, as dictated by my largest single contributor – if I meet my target of $2,000.  


How about it Gurbir – are you in for that?


*Find Grant and Gurbir on LinkedIn. Support Clearline this Movember by donating here.