Clearline’s Improved Personal & Self-Employment Tax Plans

Tax Season - Clearline CPAWe prepare a lot of personal tax returns and each year we learn new ways to improve our services.

A few years ago, we rolled out three unique service plans for our non-corporate tax clients. Our goals were to:

  1. Bring clarity and confidence to the personal tax process.
  2. Respond to your requests for transparency with our pricing by moving to a fixed-price model for our non-corporate clients.

After the first year of introducing these new plans, feedback was exceptionally positive – we were going down the right path!

Now, heading into our fourth year and close to 4,000 tax returns later, we have identified some opportunities to make further improvements.


Our New Personal & Self-Employment Tax Plans


Clearline Basics

Clearline Basics retains all the same services as the former Clearline Essentials plan, which many of you used. It’s the plan that provides professional support when you need it. It’s perfect for you if you want to cross “personal taxes” off your to-do list.  We are always here to help should the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) makes any future inquiries about your return, however under the Basics plan, this service will be provided for an additional fee.

We have noted over the years that the CRA has been increasing the number of inquiries it makes on personal tax returns and the additional costs to clients can add up. Our higher service level plans can reduce the potential for these costs to add up.


Clearline Prime

Many of you told us we needed to provide a service plan that just took care of everything. We commonly heard: “Clearline, I want you to file my return, minimize my taxes, and keep the CRA away!”. Enter Clearline Prime. This plan is perfect for you if you want us to take care of your taxes and all CRA-related requests and communications. This service includes everything in Clearline Basics, with the addition of our team responding to any CRA inquiries directly; hassle-free, stress-free, and… without additional charges.


Clearline Estate

We have one final plan called Clearline Estate. In this plan, you get everything in Clearline Prime, with the addition of a one-on-one meeting later in the year to explore what your tax implications would be if you were to pass away. We know, it’s a bit blunt, brash, vulgar… uncomfortable? We get it. Seeing your accountant isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do in itself and now we have designed a plan that has us killing you off on the whiteboard?! The reality is, we have seen how valuable these meetings are for our clients. We spend our meeting calculating your estimated tax payable if you (or your spouse/partner) were to pass away today. We also walk through your will to understand how it currently executes your last wishes, all while looking for tax planning opportunities specific to your situation. You then gain access to our network of trusted professionals who can implement any changes we discover.


We look forward to working with you again this year and are confident you will find a tailored tax plan that fits your needs. You can find more details on each plan, as well as pricing, on our website.

Ready to start your personal taxes? Download our Personal Tax Checklist here.