Holiday Memories from Rebecca Davidson

By Rebecca Davidson

Holiday Memories From Rebecca Davidson

I have been a dog-lover since my earliest memory. Neither of my parents have ever understood where my affinity for dogs came from (they share a similar attitude to Mr. Jeff Block).


When I was 23 years old, I finally decided to make my own dreams come true – and I bought my first puppy, Archie!


Now, knowing my parents feelings on owning a dog, I did not have many expectations for his first Christmas morning with my parents and family. Giving this context, you can imagine my surprise on Archie’s first Christmas morning when Archie and I woke up to find that my parents had bought him not one stocking but TWO and they had to put some items in an overflow bag.


Turns out the thing they had deprived me of my entire childhood filled their hearts with joy, and they couldn’t help themselves but spoil him!


Holiday Memories Rebecca Davidson