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No matter the service being provided, professionals all have one commonality: time is money. Maybe you need to free up your time to see another patient, prepare for court, complete a geo-tech survey, finish a design, or show another home. Whatever it is, you can feel confident leaving the tax planning and accounting side of your business to us. We get it—we are professionals too.


We take care of the compliance filings with the Canada Revenue Agency and keep you onside with all the various reporting requirements. Most importantly, we minimize your tax so you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. We start by understanding what your objectives are, building a strategy to get there, and providing confidence and guidance along the way to help achieve your goals.


  • Year-end financial statements:
    • Compilation
    • Review
    • Audit
  • Corporate tax return (T2) filing
  • Trust return (T3) and dividend (T5) filing
  • Tax projections and planning for shareholders
  • Strategic tax and estate planning
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Family trusts
  • Business acquisition and sales consulting
  • Mergers and acquisition consulting

Professional Industries We Serve


While the Health Professions Act (HPA) governs who can own shares of a medical corporation, you have the flexibility to organize your affairs in a tax-efficient manner and benefit from certain tax advantages. The most notable are deferring personal tax by leaving excess profits in the company, finding opportunities to split income with family members, and depending on the medical specialty, even claiming the capital gains on the sale of the company shares.


Healthcare can be a relatively high-risk area, and while there is malpractice insurance and other ways to reduce potential financial liabilities, the corporate structure does not usually protect you from personal liability. Choosing the appropriate structure is important to minimize tax and protect your accumulating wealth. We can take care of your accounting and tax matters, while working with you to create a strategy to meet your goals and minimize tax.


With dental practices being highly saleable, we work closely with you to structure your affairs in a flexible, tax-efficient way. Deferring tax using corporate structures and splitting income with family members are common strategies employed by dentists and are powerful tools for retirement. Holding companies are the preferred method to accumulate wealth, and become your “pension” to fund your retirement. To help you meet your goals and minimize tax, we’ll work with you to create a strategy and take care of your accounting and tax matters.


The business model of the legal profession is something we understand well—after all, we are business owners with a similar model. Whether your fee for service is fixed price or hourly, the largest cost driver as percentage of revenue is salary and wages. Staff retention is paramount and can help guide various financial options like employee profit-sharing plans, targeted bonus structures and retirement savings plans.


Billings, works-in-progress and chargeability are all KPIs we understand. The tax planning opportunities we explore with you are the same we implement for ourselves, all while following the rules specific to your professional body. We can take care of your accounting and tax matters, while working with you to create a strategy to meet your goals and minimize tax.


Engineers are engaged on projects where precision is required and liability for accuracy rests largely on their work. Engineering practices are often saleable and tax planning strategies to take advantage of capital gains exemptions are important considerations.


Many engineers form partnerships or have multiple shareholders, each with different goals and objectives. Fortunately, the engineering professional body allows for the use of family trusts, which offer flexibility and assistance with asset protection. We can help you explore your options and take care of your accounting and tax matters. Let’s work together to create a strategy to meet your goals and minimize tax.


Architects face unique circumstances in that they often must take full and unlimited liability for the projects they undertake. So in addition to the same tax planning opportunities we seek with all professionals, protecting architects’ accumulating wealth becomes particularly important.


Architects often work on international projects, meaning cross-border tax issues are also unique to them. We have an in-house tax department with a network of tax professionals that has the expertise to navigate these issues.

Real Estate Agents

In BC, Realtors are permitted to incorporate a business as a Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC) and earn their business income through a corporation. This can have significant tax benefits such as deferring tax on excess income and opportunities to split income with family members.


There are some unique rules for PRECs, such as all voting shares must be owned by a licensed realtor and can only be used for the business of realtor activities. As well, investments must be made in a separate entity.


We can help you navigate the rules. Let us take care of your accounting and tax matters, while working with you to create a strategy to meet your goals and minimize tax.

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Thought Leadership

Practice Leaders

Annelie Vistica

CPA, CA, Principal

Annelie, a Principal at Clearline, is a CPA and CA with a strong background in private enterprise and assurance.


Dave Block

CPA, CA, Principal

Dave focuses on holistic strategies for owner-managed businesses, ensuring goals integrate with both corporate and personal planning.


Jeff Block

CPA, CA, Principal

Jeff focuses his expertise on providing accounting and tax advice to business owners, professionals and private companies.


Bilal Kathrada

CPA, CA, Principal

Bilal primarily focuses on income tax and succession planning for Canadian owner-managed businesses in various industries.