Introducing Our Online Service Proposal System


We have automated our service proposal and client acceptance process for 2021 accounting and tax engagements with our existing clients and streamlined the onboarding process for new clients.


Over the past year it has become clear that improving our online capabilities and IT infrastructure is a critical part of delivering an exceptional service experience to our clients. We have taken this opportunity to invest in new online systems, the first of which brings our service proposal and client acceptance process to you in an online platform that is convenient and easy to use.


In the past we would have done this either in person or via email, which required you to print, sign, scan and email documents back to us. No longer! This new platform will allow you to digitally approve services and sign engagement letters. It will also eliminate the need to call us to make credit card payments or mail cheques, as payments can now be arranged via the system.


As part of this move, we are encouraging monthly invoicing for many clients. We hope this aligns with how you utilize our services as your year-round service provider, and also smooths out cash flows away from larger one-time payments. But do not be alarmed, if monthly invoicing is not your desired method of payment, then we will provide other options such as interim and final billing.


Illustration – Clearline CPA’s new online service proposal system


As an existing Clearline client you have either received, or will be receiving as we get closer to your service date, our electronic proposal for your 2021 services. The platform will walk you through four stages:

  1. A summary of the services we are proposing to perform on your behalf this year
  2. A schedule of the proposed billing which may be monthly*, on acceptance, on completion or some other arrangement
  3. The payment method which will allow you to attach credit card or direct debit information
  4. A copy of our terms of engagement for your review and electronic signature.**


* Many of our clients have suggested monthly billing arrangements and we are pleased to now be able to accommodate this request. However, this change is not mandatory and the new system can accommodate many payment options.

** If you prefer to sign things the old-fashioned way, that is okay. The system allows you to download a PDF copy of the engagement letter that you can then sign and scan.


When you receive your proposal, look for the following icon if you have any questions or feedback as you execute the proposal and terms of engagement:


If you have any questions regarding any information in this post or any other matter, reach out to your contact at Clearline and they will be pleased to discuss it further with you.