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A Note From the Partners – Winter 2019

Clearline has experienced a significant amount of growth over the last few years. Many of our new corporate clients have joined us from smaller firms where they may have only interacted with one accountant.  Alternatively, you may be a long time Clearline client that has mainly worked with one Clearline representative. With the growth of…

10 min read

The Exchange at Clearline

In our digital world, it is too easy for private information to get in the wrong hands. It can happen simply by putting the wrong email address into the send field.   At Clearline CPA, privacy and information security is of the utmost importance to us. This tax season, if you are sending information to…

2 min read

Financial Literacy Month: Thoughts From Your CPA

  I am totally stoked. (“Is that a thing people say? I would not want to look silly,” said the man who may be sporting a pink moustache in a month).   I had written my article for this section and was going to hit “send” as soon as I got home last night. On…

4 min read

A Hidden Gem: Part Two on RESPs

  Last month we spoke about RESPs and the response to my article was astounding! A number of people wrote to thank me for bringing up the topic and several actually opened RESP accounts based on the article. One very thoughtful reader actually sent me a copy of the statement for their newly minted RESP.…

4 min read

RESPs: A Hidden Gem of Opportunity

  Today I am talking about making great choices. Choices that will impact: Future tax planning Educational opportunities Career choices, and Your feeling of self-worth   I know what you are thinking, “Wow, this must be an amazing and awakening article!”   First, let me applaud you on your use of alliteration – well done.…

3 min read

Summer Strategy For Your Business

  It is the time of year again at Clearline when partners gather, joined by the dedicated management team, to plan and strategize for the year ahead. While June 30th establishes the end of the busy season and September is the start of the new business calendar (timed with the start of school), summer is…

3 min read