Meet Christina

By Team Clearline

CPAChristina is the newest CPA student at Clearline CPA. She’s helping our clients navigate the world of cloud accounting and tax compliance. Learn more about her in our Q&A below.


Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school?

I was born and raised in Surrey, BC, however, my parents are from the Philippines. I attended post-secondary at Kwantlen Polytechnic University where I received my BBA in Accounting last October.


What is the most interesting project you have worked on at Clearline and why?

I was given the opportunity to be a part of the cloud accounting project recently introduced at the firm. The purpose of the project is to help clients transition to an online bookkeeping system to make bookkeeping easier. So far, I am finding the project quite exciting. As the world is becoming more technologically advanced, it is crucial for businesses to integrate new advances in order to keep pace with rapid innovation.


Why do you want to become a CPA?

The CPA designation would open the doors to many opportunities such as working abroad. Since the CPA designation is universal, I would be able to travel while I work. More so, in the future, I wish to teach and become a professor.


What do you love most about working at Clearline? Why?

As someone who is working towards receiving the CPA designation, I love the support Clearline gives to aspiring designated accountants. The team includes knowledgeable and helpful individuals who I can rely on to answer any questions I have about the CPA program or anything related to the field.


What is your favourite thing to do outside of work? What are your hobbies?

I am quite the foodie. Whether it be during work or after-work hours, I will always have a snack in hand. Apart from being a food connoisseur, I enjoy catching up with friends and spending quality time with my Chihuahua, Travis.