Meet David, Associate at Clearline CPA

By Siobhan O’Connor

CPABorn and raised in Melbourne, Australia, David attended high school at Brighton Grammar, one of Melbourne’s leading boy’s schools. At the age of 17, he knew he wanted to become an accountant. While most are still trying to figure out their career paths at this age, David was drawn to accounting because of his love for and high grades in an accounting class with his favourite teacher, Mr. Jackson.  


David graduated from Brighton Grammar and attended Deakin University where he began his studies in Commerce with a major in Accounting and Finance. While at Deakin, David was in the Student Union and was able to implement positive changes around campus, including helping first year students manage their work and study balance, and helping students budget when living away from home for the first time.


From a young age, David was a dedicated and hard worker. He has had many jobs, from paperboy, babysitter, tennis coach, busser and bartender to financial administrator at WPP Group, accountant at Engine Property Group, staff accountant at Stephens Plattfuss & Company, and finally staff accountant at Clearline CPA. Much like in University, he continues to help friends with learning how to budget and manage expenses when living in a new country.


David is also an active tennis, football and table tennis player. He has won several of our table tennis tournaments in the office, sparking a fierce rivalry with Raj over the Table Tennis Trophy. Luckily, he has always been supportive of us less avid players and like with budgeting, takes the time to share his techniques.