Meet Kathleen, Associate, Student

By Kathleen Red

CPAI have always admired my grandparents, who built their business from the ground up, and with their own two hands. My grandparents lived in the countryside of the Philippines and did not have a lot of wealth. All they had was a small shack and a bit of land. When they were young, they moved to the city where they worked for a noodle factory. With that experience they decided to start their own factory. It flourished, expanded to include a rice farm, and continues to thrive today. The noodle factory employs about 50 staff.


Seeing my grandparents’ hard work, business understanding and entrepreneurial spirit (without a college education) inspired me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Kwantlen University. In 2016, I joined Clearline as part of a 4-month co-op program to get more experience in the accounting field. During this time I learned about bookkeeping, working as part of a team and helping out clients with their business needs.


I completed my degree and came back to Clearline as a full-time associate. The two things I enjoy the most about the job is the opportunity to train new team members, and the opportunity to pass along my knowledge! I am also now on the road to getting my CPA designation.


Outside of the office, I enjoy travelling to tropical places where the weather is above 23 degrees. You can find me by the beach basking in the sun or swimming in the ocean.