Meet Kristina – Office Manager, Burnaby

By Siobhan O’Connor 

Kris - Clearline CPA - BurnabyNearly a year ago we opened our Burnaby office through the acquisition of the former Santos & Co. A lot of work was needed to transition the office to Clearline, including scanning dozens of boxes of client files, meeting new clients and changing the office set-up. Our team had their work cut out for them! Throughout it all, our saving grace was Kristina Schrattner, or Kris as most people call her.


As office manager, Kris already understood the ins and outs of the firm and she knew the clients very well. Many clients dated back to the founders’ university days, or had family and friend connections. From their humble beginnings, the firms’ network grew substantially. They had a large community behind them, and were known for their end of tax season parties.


Kris remains the centre of our Burnaby office. From setting up new staff members, to running our day-to-day Burnaby schedule, to helping staff with IT issues, to client relations, the list goes on and on! But perhaps most importantly, she continues to bring our Burnaby team together. As the first person you see when walking through our Burnaby doors, her fearlessness and encouragement keep everyone going.


Out of the office, Kris has two beautiful dogs, Hailee and Sasha. Together with her husband and dogs, she has travelled throughout the US and Canada in their motorhome. Whether at home with her dogs or on the road, you will also always find Kris with a good book in hand.