Meet Rachel, Associate

By Siobhan O’Connor

CPAEvery person at the firm has their own story of how they became an accountant. For some, it is a path that they do not differ from, but for others like Rachel, they need to be reminded of their love for the understanding of numbers before they are pulled back in.


Growing up in the Philippines, Rachel Soro was constantly  motivated by family and her personal ambition to do well in school. Her family moved to Manila to ensure that she was exposed to the best education. She graduated from the Philippines School of Business with a Bachelors in Accounting, and began working as a collector at Citibank where she worked hard to be promoted to Assistant Manager. Additionally, Rachel worked for the Financial Times in the Philippines as a credit controller just before she moved to Canada. Her move to Canada gave her the opportunity to see  accounting and financial practices across the globe.


Canada has always been on Rachel’s bucket list. She took the opportunity to travel and work all across the country for the past eight years. She has worked and lived in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan before moving to BC last year. From my conversation with Rachel, I learned that wherever she goes, she always immerses herself in the community and continues to give back with volunteer work. She volunteers by providing pro bono tax returns for the elderly and to those who are under a certain income bracket.


Rachel wrote her CFE exam last year and is currently earning her hours at Clearline to obtain her designation. At Clearline, she has been involved in all types of projects from public to private companies, from taxes to bookkeeping, Rachel is a part of it all. When she does not have her head buried deep within client files, Rachel loves cooking, reading and photography. When cooking, she loves making her favourite Filipino dish called adobo, which I must try and maybe review here.