Meet Shehzel, Associate – Team Clearline

By Shehzel Saif, Associate, Student

Shehzel Team Clearline

I love being a leader and helping people, so going into business was a natural choice for me. It doesn’t hurt that I come from a family of accountants! I enjoy helping others because I enjoy being part of a team and working towards goals quickly and efficiently. My love of leadership comes from the desire to grow as a person, and motivate and encourage others to be their best. Growing up, I watched my parents working hard to succeed and I was inspired to always set high goals for myself.


I heard about Clearline while I was doing my BBA in Accounting at Kwantlen. I was intrigued by Clearline’s culture and jumped at the chance to do a co-op term with the company. When I graduated, I was asked to join Clearline and I immediately said yes because I just couldn’t stay away! I love the team environment here and being able to see that the projects I work on create value for clients. I also appreciate that Clearline is helping me achieve my goals of becoming a CPA by allowing me to gain the experience I want to grow as a leader in the industry.


Outside of work, I enjoy trying new cuisines! I would like to try new recipes but between school and work I have limited time. However, I consider myself a big foodie and enjoy trying new restaurants. I also can’t wait until I have time to do some travelling. The first place I want to explore: Latin America!