Strategic Changes to Help You This Tax Season


personal tax - Clearline CPAIt has been an interesting few years in the personal tax world and the 2017 season, which is just around the corner, appears to be no different.

Over the past few years we have seen a number of key changes from the government:


  1. There was a focus in the prior government to add targeted credits, meaning more gathered receipts and more individual reporting
  2. CRA is requesting substantially more follow-up on filings, including:
    • Proof of amounts
    • Payroll tests
    • Full personal audits
  3. Changes to various corporate tax rules that flow down to shareholders


All of these changes have increased the pain of taxes for personal tax filers, adding both to the potential tax but also the costs of tax compliance.,


Over the past two years, we have spent a lot of time talking to our clients and hearing what they expect from their accountants. We have heard different things from different people:

  • Some want everything done digitally and never want to have to come to the office, or even pick-up a phone. (Skype me / Text me)
  • Some want a clean, simple cost that means the CRA goes away and they get complete relief, guaranteed.
  • Some are looking for the kind of guidance corporations get:
    • Help me save for a car, house, family or retirement
    • Show me how to take advantage of my RRSPs or TFSA
    • Basically, how can I achieve my goals?
  • Some want a basic price and the opportunity to pay for extras on demand.
  • Everyone seems to say one thing: we want it guaranteed!


As I say, we have been listening, so this year we are doing things differently.


First, we have added a guarantee to our personal tax services. You will be satisfied or we will refund the fee for the year. If we ask any questions it will only be to understand how we missed.


Second, we have put pricing on it so you can be sure that you are getting a fair rate, and so you know you are getting professional support from Clearline, Chartered Professional Accountants, a firm offering the skills and support that come with a CPA.


Third, we are offering separate plans so that you can choose the plan that is right for you.


The launch of this very exciting program is only days away. If you are an existing personal tax client watch for our email (if you are virtually virtual) or our posted brochure (if you lean to the tangible side).


If you are a corporate client not using our personal services, you will want to enquire how we can assist you in reaching your personal goals.