What to Expect from Your Value-Added Tax Services



tax - Clearline CPAIt is, as we are all aware, tax time again. Clearline feels like Santa’s workshop in early December, if the workshop were full of young people:

  • looking bleary eyed,
  • drinking too much coffee,
  • eating too much junk food,
  • eating strangely healthy foods at mealtimes,
  • getting less sleep than normal, and
  • generally accomplishing more focused, balanced and skilled professional work than should be expected.


It is definitely a busy time, but the rest of the humorous list above is only partially the real story.  


The real story this time of year is that people who, last year, were learning their profession are now honing their skills and elevating their professional engagement. They are reaching out to clients and uncovering deductions unreported or structuring tax plans unrecognized as client’s world changes.


To add to the hustle and bustle of the tax season, this year has seen a new value-added approach to personal taxes.


Here are the things you need to know:

  1. Satisfaction guaranteed. We have added a guarantee to our personal tax services because we are proud to support you. If you are not satisfied, we will refund the fee for the year.
  2. Transparent pricing. We are sharing transparent pricing on our plans so you know exactly what to expect. We believe this to be unique.
  3. Tailored levels of support. We have developed three separate plans so you can choose the level of support that is right for you, and get the relief you seek at tax season.


You can find more information about our service levels and pricing on our website here: service levels.


I worked hard, with my partner, Jeff Block, to craft and establish the patterns of these individual plans. They have been structured to meet the needs of three different, but equally important, types of clients.


The Essentials plan has been developed for the person whose taxes are fairly straight forward and require little follow-up with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). People who have limited deductions, probably no self-employment or rental income and limited investments, are ideal for this plan, as they will likely have less reason for follow-up communication or support. This plan keeps the cost lower for those essential services.


The Comfort plan supports you when your needs escalate and your taxes cause the possibility of greater requests for information from the CRA or greater involvement through:

  • instalments,
  • substantial medical receipts,
  • rental property income,
  • self-employment income,
  • GST filings, etc.


This plan is definitely a favourite for people in these categories, as it builds in price protection from multiple CRA enquiries, requests for follow-up information, changes to instalments as your world evolves and the ability to call us for ongoing support specific to your tax filings. This plan is definitely for people who never want to be bothered by CRA calls or investigations.


Finally, those people who are target-oriented and goal-driven are reaching out to join the Elite plan, in order to look down the road and build the path to:

  • buying a first house,
  • supporting education for their children,
  • planning for retirement, and
  • estate planning.


There is much more information on the website, so check it out here. We are very excited to be leading the change to value-added taxation services, focused on a strong guarantee, transparent pricing and tailored service levels. Please reach out and provide your criticism or support by dropping me a note.