Your Tax Season Team

grant-smith-web-ready-clearline-chartered-accountants-300x200Welcome to tax season!


My thoughts and comments in this forum are seldom about taxation. Have you noticed? My thoughts go towards improving the quality of life for staff, clients and family. So I find myself staring at a blank screen (that is a bit misleading, there are actually several failed attempts filling up the screen) in case something becomes suddenly usable, but the figurative blank screen still shouts at me demanding to be filled.


I want to talk to you today about AJ and Amber and Arwen, three associates sitting right outside my office representing the rest of the team (in the tradition of Greek theatre, otherwise known as the Chorus). As they read this, in print, the “Chorus” is collectively mumbling, “thank heaven I am not sitting near him.”


  • AJ is this amazingly knowledgeable and insightful young gentleman who has an informed opinion on every topic you can think of. He always presents his opinion with clarity of mind and an attentive ear to the audience, never once appearing to be other than on your side – even as he disproves your hypothesis.  
  • Amber is so cool, with an amazing grasp of music produced before she was born, like the Beatles, the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. When she came back from a trip, her favourite story to share with me was that she met Mick Fleetwood and Steven Tyler. Amber has a mind that understands accounting problems intuitively even before she can articulate the solution. She, in fact, sees the answer while still forming the question.
  • Arwen is a leader of people and she does it from beside them with a grace that leaves them believing they did it on their own. She is brand new as an accountant and has many details to learn, as she works to keep up with the Chorus. She uses her eyes to see the world as it can be.   


I could be talking about anyone in the Chorus as I focus on those three, because each person on our team is unique, client focused and brilliant with attitude that totally rocks.


So what?


This month is tax season and we are unleashing the Chorus. Many of you will meet AJ either on the phone or in person as he prepares your taxes and proactively reaches out to become part of your team and to get clarity on some specifics for taxation. Others will have Amber on their team. She may call to confirm the appropriate strategy for reducing your taxes payable. It is also possible that Arwen or even another member of the Chorus will reach out to discuss and give confidence in your tax filing.  


The management and partner team creates a coaching and development role that allows these young minds to engage in clarifying your wealth plans, strategizing for your personal growth and needs, and extending your comfort with the choices we make together. We engage with our staff to build an increasing energy of creativity and support that means your service level skyrockets.


This year help me out by doing three things:


  1. Ask your tax preparer to buy you a cup of coffee and sit down together. If you ask before they do it, it will be one way of getting feedback that my articles get read.
  2. Let us know how the tax season goes for you. Do you see a significant improvement? If you have challenges in your experience, tell us that too.
  3. Put engagement into your businesses and invest in giving you staff more involvement. Then let me know how it works for you.


There is one other thing you could do. If you are happy with your experience, please send us a referral, for you are our greatest communication tool.