Raising a Glass to Grant

By Jeff Block

jeff-block-clearline-cpa-200x300In 2009, Grant and I decided to go into partnership together by taking over John B. Haley’s successful North Vancouver-based CA practice of 20 years. I remember it like it was yesterday: Grant and I, along with three other employees, working to build a business reflective of our personalities and values.


Fast forward to today and Clearline has three more team leaders. We have grown from four employees to almost forty, and from one office to four. Together, Grant and I have laughed, fought, stayed way too late in the office, and learned many lessons along the way. We have created a team made up of some amazing people and, when I look back on it all, I think we have built something pretty special.


Now, as we celebrate Grant’s retirement from Clearline, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days gone by. However, Grant is a part of Clearline’s DNA. Ask any of the past and present staff and they will identify pieces of Grant’s personality woven into the fabric of our practice. Even as Grant moves into the next chapter of his life, his impact at Clearline will be lasting.


For those of you who work directly with Grant, rest assured that while there will be changes ahead, you will continue to work with many of the same people in our firm you have in the past, as our team members are being retained in their current roles. The services you are receiving from us will continue, and we look forward to reaching out to you individually to provide more clarity and confidence on how this transition will affect you.


So raise a glass, or perhaps more appropriate add a “like”, and join us in congratulating Grant on this huge milestone – retirement from Clearline.


My dear friend, Grant – Arrivederci!


– Jeff