The Exchange at Clearline

In our digital world, it is too easy for private information to get in the wrong hands. It can happen simply by putting the wrong email address into the send field.

At Clearline CPA, privacy and information security is of the utmost importance to us. This tax season, if you are sending information to someone on our team, instead of using email, we encourage you to use our secure file sharing portal called The Exchange. This way you can feel confident that your personal information is uploaded straight into our client management tool.

Using The Exchange eliminates the need for you:

  • To type in or remember an email address
  • To attach large and/or multiple files to an email
  • To use USBs to share information
  • To password-protect documents

How The Exchange works:

  • We will set up a username and password for you
  • We will send you instructions on how to log in to The Exchange via email
  • You can log in and navigate to the File Upload section and click on the “Add files” button
  • You can select the files you want to upload and that’s it!

From there, we are automatically notified when your files have been uploaded. We’ll contact you if we have any other questions about your file.

Our team can also use The Exchange to send files securely to you. If there is a file that we want you to download, we will notify you by email to log into The Exchange.To learn more about our portal, check out our FAQs here!