The Ripple Effect of Service

service - Clearline CPAWe launched our new website last month — which could be a story all on its own — and one of my jobs was reviewing the accuracy of the information and links. I was struck by the bottom of the Who We Are page because when I got to the section titled “Our Community” I was pleased to see six organizations that we support and honour through active commitments (something more than just giving money).


I am not going to elaborate on all of the groups right now because we have provided a link to the page and you are just a click away from exploring them for yourself. However, I would encourage you to take a peek and explore the difference that each of these fine organizations make in your world.



The story I want to tell today is about a little auction that was held by BC Book Prizes last month. It was a very simple auction – online, tiny and led entirely by the board’s commitment to the cause. I joined this organization only a month or so before the auction began and did not have the opportunity to participate in finding businesses to contribute goods. My contribution was limited to participating as a visitor. As a side note, I am already looking for items for next year and would love to hear from you or your company if you can make a contribution.


I purchased a couple of fun little items that seemed like great pay forward winners. The first was from a coffee shop that donated a coffee every week of the year but with a twist! The recipient would receive a poem with every coffee. The best part about this item is the chance it provides to take a different person for a coffee each week and share the newest poem. I have lodged this item in the North Vancouver office because they are only three blocks from Echo Cafe. I am getting Associates to send each poem throughout the offices weekly (I am pretty sure that someone thinks this is a little “artsy fartsy” but hey, Reese is rocking the readings). For your reading pleasure, here is one of the poems (published with the author’s gracious permission):


Poem - Clearline CPA

tree morphologies by daniel elza from milk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press, 2013).


The second item was similar; weekly hot chocolate from Chocolate Arts and beautiful handmade cards. This purchase has been passed on to my editor for her support on the website development. I also gave it to her because she is so good about thanking people and I knew the cards would not go to waste. It does not hurt that she brought me an amazing chocolate bar from her first visit.  


My point in all this is that the auction spread the spirit of service and community through the funds raised and the gift giving that undoubtedly occurred. Many different people contributed in this fashion, allowing the community spirit to spread to even more people. I believe that the BC Book Prizes auction, a very small event to date, will end up improving the lives of thousands through this ripple effect, like a butterfly’s wings.  


Before I close by inviting you to reach out and thank someone who supports the community and therefore the world, I will take just a moment to reference another organization we support and its timely link to this month’s book review.    


A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to attend an event in Kamloops to launch the beginning of Honour Ranch. Two very generous people, Donna and Rick Wanless, are donating property to Honour House. This property will be used to create a facility to support our first responders by offering treatment and support with the ongoing struggle of PTSD. I would like to acknowledge the Wanless’ tremendous generosity in donating their 25-acre property. Thank you for your support, Rick and Donna.


Now join me in doing two things:


  • Thank someone today for supporting their causes and giving time and energy to improving their piece of this world.
  • Find another way to continue your contribution. No wait, you just did that by reaching out to thank someone.


If you are at the city hall in New Westminster on Friday morning, I hope we get the chance to say hello and share in remembrance.