What We Do

Professional Accounting Services

Our expert and diverse team of accountants delivers integrated tax planning, financial solutions and advice to you and your businesses.

Take control of your finances and reach your goals with Clearline. Together, we build a transparent, measurable strategic roadmap that leads directly to the future you want. Our collaborative, personalized approach helps you achieve financial success in a complex and changing world. Here are some of the services we provide as part of your Clearline Plan.

Compilations: Financial Statements, Basic Tax Requirements and Filings

For private companies, small business owners and self-employed individuals, there are a number of accounting and tax actions you need to take. When you’re just getting off the ground, or trying to tackle it alone, it can be hard to know where to start.


At Clearline CPA, we know many of your accounting needs arise from the tax compliance requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency. From filing your annual income tax return, GST returns to processing payroll returns (T4s and T4 summaries) and dividend forms (T5s and T5 summaries), there are a number of things you need to take care of. In order to perform these tasks, you will require a set of financial statements summarizing the annual results of your operations. Our team at Clearline Chartered Professional Accountants is trained to recognize the most cost-effective solutions for preparing a professional set of financial statements, while ensuring you are taking advantage of all of the available income tax breaks and credits. Our team will also support your tax filings, communicate with the CRA on your behalf and help you look at the big picture. You work hard for your money; knowing your objectives and building a plan to meet your financial goals is key to your success. We can help you tackle the immediate tasks and plan for your future at the same time.

Reviews: Get Analysis and Assurance for Your Financial Statements

You don’t need an audit, but you do need a level of assurance that your financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with applicable standards. A review of your financial statements by a trusted accounting professional is what you’re looking for.


When the bank, silent investors, hands-off shareholders or even a potential buyer want a level of assurance on your annual financial statements, Clearline CPA can help. Our team has been providing a review level of assurance to clients for over twenty years. We have the resources and experience needed to assess the presentation of your financial statements through enquiry, analysis and discussion. But we like to level-up. Our team of professional accountants can also provide analysis and benchmarking of your financial results. By identifying efficiencies and improved profitability through a greater understanding of your business activity, you’ll be able to make changes that drive your business forward.

Audits: Obtain The Highest Level of Assurance

Perhaps you want a corporate audit to ready your company for sale or to discharge your fiscal responsibilities as the director of a non-profit organization. Whatever the reason, our team at Clearline Chartered Professional Accountants has the knowledge and experience to guide you through an audit.

An audit provides the highest level of assurance that your financial statements are presented fairly and in accordance with applicable standards. Clearline Chartered Professional Accountants follows specific quality control policies to provide an audit opinion that meets the highest standard. Our team of professional accountants reviews, analyzes and verifies important information about your business activities and operations. This enables us to not only provide assurance that your financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with applicable standards, but it also enables us to also provide you with valuable advice on how to improve internal controls, identify fiscal irregularities and improve general operations before problems arise. We can deliver a seamless audit experience and help you do better moving forward.

Tax Planning and Compliance: Stay Organized and Take Advantage of Tax Credits

Whether you have a company or run a small business, the Canada Revenue Agency requires every Canadian resident to file an annual income tax return. Simple or complex, our tax accounting professionals can help you stay organized and take advantage of all of the income tax breaks and credits available to you.

By keeping current on new tax laws and legislation, our team at Clearline CPA can identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. We often uncover significant tax savings for people who have filed their own tax return in the past. Save yourself the time and stress, come to Clearline first. Our team at Clearline Chartered Professional Accountants offers a variety of comprehensive tax services including preparation and filing of corporate, personal, estate and trust income tax returns, charity information and not-for-profit returns, GST returns and Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credits (SR&ED). We can also help you deal with the Canadian Revenue Agency should you be chosen for an income tax audit. Instead of spending your time trying to understand the tax landscape, let us take of it. You can depend on our team of designated accountants and trusted advisors to do it right the first time.

Estate Planning: Plan for the Future, Now

With a significant portion of your earnings going towards taxes, Clearline Chartered Professional Accountants knows that solid tax planning is key to your success. Creating a Clearline Plan now can save you money and help you avoid challenges in the future.

Estate planning is for everyone and should be given thought as soon as you begin to accumulate assets. Our team of accounting professionals can assist you with organizing your business and personal affairs, planning for retirement, arranging for the transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries and achieving your family goals. By analyzing your financial position and identifying your succession objectives, we will help you build a plan to bring your goals to life. There are many estate planning techniques available including creating an up-to-date valid will, holding property in joint-tenancy, gifting, the use of trusts, naming beneficiaries on RRSPs and RRIFs and valuing your business. Our team of accounting professionals will help you navigate and implement the strategies that are right for you.