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You don’t need a full audit, but a bank or bonding company has asked for a level of assurance that your financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with applicable standards. A review of your financial statements by a trusted accounting professional is probably what you’re looking for.


When the bank, bonding company, silent investors and hands-off shareholders or even a potential buyer want some limited form of assurance on your annual financial statements, Clearline CPA can help. Our team has the resources and experience needed to assess the presentation of your financial statements through inquiry and analytical techniques. But we like to level-up.


Our team of professional accountants can also provide analysis and benchmarking of your financial results. By identifying efficiencies and improved profitability through a greater understanding of your business activity, you’ll be able to make changes that drive your business forward.

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Thought Leadership

Practice Leaders

Bridget Noonan

CPA, CA, Principal

Bridget primarily focuses on the provision of assurance (audit and review engagement) services to not-for-profit organizations.

Tom Gillespie

CPA, CA, Principal

Tom primarily focuses on the provision of assurance (audit and review engagement) services to companies in a variety of sectors.

Justin McLaughlin

CPA, CA, MBA, Principal

Justin focuses on reviews and audits for private enterprises and not-for-profit organizations.